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Meet Your Instructor

  • Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert

    Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert

    Nayri is the Wedding Fashion Expert. Given today’s dynamic world, Nayri beautifully leverages technology to create a uniquely unforgettable customer experience. Her strategies have turned Lovella Bridal into the successful bridal brand it is today. From being a best selling author to styling celebrity brides, coaching and educating, Nayri specializes in creating a unique customer experience. This includes creating and overseeing the overall business strategy. From team building to implementing sales and marketing initiatives, her innovative strategies make her an industry leader and pioneer. She also advises world-renowned designers, helping them refine and edit their collections.
    She has been featured on Good Morning America, Mario Lopez & Courtney’s Wedding Fiesta on TLC, & People TV styling Ashley Iaconetti who has been on various series of The Bachelor, DC Cupcakes on TLC, Season 5 of David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding on WE Network, styling Robert Herjavec’s wife Kym Johnson from DWTS and more!
    Nayri has styled celebrity brides including Ashley Iaconetti from The Bachelor, Zena Foster Babbs who married R&B Singer Tank and Jazmyn Simon from Ballers on HBO.
    Her best selling book, "I'm Getting Married & Have Nothing to Wear" is the ultimate guide to helping brides find their perfect wedding dress. It also serves as a training tool for store owners and bridal stylists.
    Most recently, Nayri released a series of online courses created based on industry feedback from her YouTube channel and Podcast. Her online courses share proven and tested business formulas. When implemented, retail stores can scale and thrive.
    Her favorite pastime includes enjoying quality time with family and traveling the world. She also enjoys competing and training with her Arabian horses Psax In The City and Time To Tango! It is rare to see Nayri without her French bulldog Nuff; at times he assists in styling brides as well!

The Bridal Stylist Sales Course Includes:

  • Videos

    15 short training videos make it easy for you to watch all the way through, or quickly go back to those lessons you need to review again.

  • Downloads & Links

    Use the included downloads and helpful links to create and implement new strategies to improve your bridal styling and sales skills.

  • Proven Strategies

    Learn simple, proven strategies to take your bridal styling career to the next level, close more sales, and be more profitable in doing what you love!

In this course you will learn...

  • How to best manage your bridal styling appointments, from beginning to end

  • How to close sales more easily and efficiently

  • How to handle the most common objections during the bridal sales process

  • How to upsell veils and other accessories during your initial appointment

  • How to handle difficult clients and guests

  • And so much more!

"A note about the Bridal Stylist Course: I have no regrets️. I have used it as a guide to teach and train since I purchased. Even though I am backed by 30 personal years (really 53, seeing I was born here) of experience, this course is refreshing. It also correlates nicely with all of the restructuring I have been doing this year. It’s a great tool. Thanks, Nayri, for doing and inspiring!"

- Gina Di Guardia, Bridal Suite of Bay Shore

"Reverse engineering the selling and styling process was a great way to refresh the entire process from start to finish. Love it!"

- Illian Truong

Course Outline:

Lesson #1:

Welcome to the Bridal Stylist Sales Course!

Lesson #2:

Ethics, Best Practice, Response Time and Discounting

Lesson #3:

How to Start Your Appointment

Lesson #4:

How Do You Know What Gowns to Pull?

Lesson #5:

Sales Process: Sell, Sell, Sell!

Lesson #6:

Sales Process & How to Close Your Sale

Lesson #7:

Different Ways of Closing the Sale and Handling Objections

Lesson #8:

How to Handle Situations When Things Go Wrong, and Guests That Are Being Difficult

Lesson #9:

Upselling Products

Lesson #10:

[Demonstration] How to Properly Clamp a Bride Into a Dress

Lesson #11:

[Demonstration] Upselling Accessories: 3 Styles of Veils

Lesson #12:

[Demonstration] Upselling Accessories: Headpieces & How to Style Hair for the Appointment

Lesson #13:

[Demonstration] Upselling Accessories: Earrings & Bracelets

Lesson #14:

[Demonstration] What to Do When a Bride Doesn't Fit Into the Sample Gown

"I signed up for all three of Nayri's Online Courses in September of 2019, and as soon as she emailed the link, we started watching the videos. She made it look so simple, but when you print the worksheets and start doing the work, you find out how many small things are disrupting your business and stifling your full potential. With the new knowledge and perspective, we were able to increase our sales by 14% within three months! When COVID-19 hit, Nayri was right there to help us all navigate and survive. I rewatched the videos and kept updating and evolving my business, knowing she was only an email away. We came out of the Pandemic and had to rebuild our team, but this time with Nayri's systems in place. In the same three months of 2021, we had a 44% increase in two years!!! You may love customer service, you may have a retail or business degree, but if you are in bridal and need guidance, Nayri’s courses are a must and a no brainer!"

- Renee Goodman, Bel Fiore Bridal